I Don’t Want to Hold Plank

It’s that old accountability thing.  The trim and peppy fitness trainer standing off to the side holding the timer as if it was the self destruct button on a starship, finger at the ready just in case we need to abort, abort…..yes, I need to stop holding the f…..ing plank.

And yet I go back. Time and again I subject myself to their unrelenting cheerfulness in the face of my suffering. And why?  Because I have no discipline on my own.  Without paying them for the privilege of torturing me with planks and burpees (who was the sadist who invented the burpee anyway?) I would spend my hour diligently pursuing the executive workout, in the hot tub.

As I said, it’s the old accountability thing.  It comes from being a people pleaser. I am deeply averse to disappointing someone else. I want to please them, I want to make them happy. So if holding a plank makes someone happy I hold it.

I sometimes wonder what I might actually accomplish if being accountable to myself was enough. Maybe I should invest in a stop watch.



I Don’t Want to Hold Plank — 3 Comments

  1. I keep going back, not because I love submitting my body to what they demand of me, but because when I am finished I feel good that I can still do it. With aging I keep feeling less and less able, but still trying and mostly succeeding. I try not to feel bad that I can’t keep the plank as long as others, but amazed that I can keep it as long as I do-for my age.

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