Who needs the Great Hadron Collider? We have my brain.

I had a brilliant idea.  And so I sat to write it down.  The thought that is on tip of my brain, the words not as words but as whole sentences, whole paragraphs, whole universes that have sprung into existence, there in the nascent formation of the form that will be great once I get it on the paper.  And here I am, waiting….It’s coming, it’s almost here, so close, the thought is bubbling to the surface, about to manifest into a Pulitzer Prize winning reality, I feel it, I see it, I hear it, I……it’s gone.

And now I understand.  So simple.  It is thought and anti thought. Right here in my brain. Funny how it works, all these billions of dollars spent on the Great Hadron Collider just to observe those micro milliseconds of antimatter at the beginning of creation, and I experience it nearly daily. Thought antithought, story antistory.  The End. The Beginning.

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